Hi everyone! Mattias M. has posted some interesting videos from his project, Open Hard Vacuum, featuring campaign missions and a skirmish battle between two bots. For those who are not familiar with it, Open Hard Vacuum is a game that uses OpenRA Engine, and it is inspired by an old game called Hard Vacuum, which ended up not being released at all, except for its art graphics. Here are the videos:

For further information about Open Hard Vacuum, visit its Official Website. And this is all we can offer for today regarding Open Hard Vacuum!

OpenHV Pre-Release 20220918
Sep 18, 2022 - 23:02
Hi everyone! OpenHV Pre-Release 20220918 is the most recent release of Open Hard Vacuum's team. For those who are not familiar with it, Open Hard Vacuum is a game that uses OpenRA Engine and it is inspired by an old game called Hard Vacuum, which ended up not being released at all, except for its art graphics.
Here is the official announcement from Open Hard Vacuum's staff about OpenHV Pre-Release 20220918:


This is a bug fix release as we hope to be on the road of a new stable one soon.

New 1v1 map: Silverman

New Cube Hunter map: Snowcube

The full changelog is available on GitHub with some additional standalone installers.

Use the (optional) itch app to stay up to date automatically.

Find players and chat with us on Discord or connected via Matrix

For further information about Open Hard Vacuum, visit the Official Website. Open Hard Vacuum is available for download Here. And this is all for today! Enjoy Open Hard Vacuum and provide your feedback about it so it can get better.

One vision, one purpose! VoxEdit has been recently announced by mgerhardy. For those who are not aware, VoxEdit will be a voxel art editor that supports several volumetric pixel file formats, such as Command & Conquer vxl, Minecraft, Quake 1 bsp, Ace of Spades vxl, as well as some other voxel editors such as Goxel and MagicaVoxel. It uses the vengi voxel engine. It's not ready yet, and any help will certainly be appreciated. Here is what was shared about it:

I am working on a voxel editor and voxel-related tool sets that also support loading VXL and HVA files. Find the docs as well as a discord and download links here: https://mgerhardy.github.io/vengi/

I'm still fighting some matrix-related issues here - but the current progress can be seen here.

If anyone would like to jump in to help, please contact me or send pull requests.

You can learn more about VoxEdit by visiting the vengi's Official Website. And this is all we can offer for today regarding VoxEdit!

Notepad++ v8.4.5 is out!
Sep 08, 2022 - 04:36
Hello ladies and gentlemen! The staff from Notepad++ has recently released Notepad++ v8.4.5. For those unaware, Notepad++ is a free, open-source code editor and Notepad replacement that runs on Windows. It supports several programming languages, multiple tabs, and plugins and is based on the powerful editing component Scintilla.

Here is the official announcement from Notepad++'s staff about Notepad++ v8.4.5:


Notepad++ v8.4.5 release:

Notepad++ v8.4.5 crash fixes, bug-fixes & new enhancement:

1. Add reduce mode in Find/Replace dialog. (Implement #11780)
2. Update to Scintilla 5.2.4 and Lexilla 5.1.8. (Implement #12022)
3. Enhance very long line’s performance. (Fix #11942)
4. Fix crash on Wine. (Fix #11941)
5. Fix Notepad++ crash due to calling NPPM_GETLANGUAGENAME with -1 (WPARAM). (Fix #12009)
6. Improve performance for "Find in Files" and "Find all in…". (Fix #11878)
7. Add an option to turn off selecting text when Field dialog is invoked. (Implement #11988)
8. Fix drag n drop documents crash between 2 instances. (Fix #11976)
9. Fix erasing part of content make hanging issue. (Fix #10193)
10. Add an option for hiding the + down X from the menu bar. (Implement #11945)
11. Add cycling function hints ability by ALT-UP/DOWN shortcuts. (Implement #11950)
12. Add carret block after option. (Implement #11944)
13. Fix detected language not being applied if the Default language is set in Document settings. (Fix #11504)
14. Fix dark mode visual glitchy in explorer panel under Windows 8.1. (Fix #11898)

The auto-updater will be triggered in one week if no critical issue is found.

For further information about Notepad++, visit the Official Website. Notepad++ is downloadable at This Address. The full changelog for Notepad++ v8.4.5 is available Here. That's all, folks! Stay tuned at PPM for more news coverage on Notepad++!

Blender 3.3 LTS has been released!
Sep 08, 2022 - 04:31
Hello ladies and gentlemen! The crew from Blender has recently released Blender 3.3. For those who are not acquainted with it, Blender is the most complete free 3D modeling tool, a must-have for anyone who is into game development or modding. Here are the goodies that comes with Blender 3.3:

Blender Foundation and the online developers community are proud to present the first long-term release of the 3.x series, Blender 3.3 LTS!

Blender 3.3 splash by Piotr Krynski

What’s New

A highlight in this release is the introduction of a completely new system for hair grooming, using a new Curves object type that supports Sculpt mode and the flexibility of Geometry Nodes. The particle-based system is still available and hair can be converted between systems.

Geometry Nodes have been expanded to support procedural UV Unwrapping, shortest-path nodes, and a number of new primitives and utility nodes.

Grease Pencil Line Art is more performant and can calculate light and shadow contour lines, specify object priority, and receive improvements to silhouette detection. Grease Pencil keyframes are now displayed in the general Dopesheet Editor view, making it convenient to animate regular objects and properties together with Grease Pencil keyframes.

Other improvements include better Library Overrides management, new features in Video Sequencer, modeling, UV, faster sculpting in EEVEE, updates in the user interface, Cycles support for AMD Vega graphics cards and the new Intel® Arc™ GPUs, and so much more.

Explore the release notes for an in-depth look at what’s new.

Built to Last

Blender 3.3 LTS is a long-term support release, receiving fixes until September 2024.

Another exciting milestone was achieved thanks to the Blender community and the over 2900 individuals and organizations contributing to the Blender Development Fund.

Happy Blending! 

The Blender Team
September 7th, 2022

You can learn more about Blender by visiting the Official Website. Blender is available for download Here. The complete changelog for Blender 3.3 is available Here. And that's all regarding Blender for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Blender!

Welcome back, commander! Totem Arts, the team behind Renegade X, has been busy recently in order to release Renegade X: Patch 5.65.380. For those who are not aware, Renegade X is a free tactical shooter that aims to brings the Command & Conquer FPS experience to Unreal Engine. Here are the official words about Renegade X: Patch 5.65.380:

"Welcome Back, Commander!"

Patch 5.65.380 brings us another handful of bug fixes that occurred in a previous patches, adjustments to our code and a handful of map fixes. Check them out below!

| Bug Fixes |

   Added a potential area volume fix for vehicles being able to glitch out of the soft boundary volumes
   Added a partial fix for the back weapon attachments not appearing
   Added a fallback function for moving the camera to your own base instead of wherever you last had your spectator / pre-game camera
   Fixed an incorrect announcement being made for the Harvester when taking damage after it spawned
   Fixed the Guard Tower projectiles not giving any damage
   Fixed being able to zoom in too far when aiming down the sight
   Fixed being able to go in ADS mode when you're not supposed to (For example, when inactive or putting down the weapon)
   Fixed the Stealth Black Hand cloaking while deploying an airstrike
   Fixed the Remote C4 charges not taking any damage when they were deployed
   Reverted the over-adjustment on headshot multipliers

| Changes |

   Removed the functionality of locking the commanders for a specific amount of time
   Rewrote some functions regarding team switching/assignment, in-game donations, kick voting, and crate pickups

| Visuals / Audio |

   EVA / CABAL announcer:
       When you capture Silo, it will no longer tell you that you acquired new technology
   Corrected the GDI buildings having a Nod floor when they're in their destroyed state

| Maps |

   Cliff Side:
       Fixed some rocks glitching in and out at the Nod side of the middle bridge
   Crash Site:
       Fixed vehicles getting launched up in the air on the outer vehicle route
       Adjusted the ambient lighting on some foliage to get shadowed properly
       Adjusted the post-processing to fix the map having a really strong contrast
       Fixed being able to base-2-base all the way from the GDI base to the Power Plant
       Adjusted some draw call values on the tunnel lights and palm trees
       Prevented Nod from being able to fire with Artillery over the cover wall on their side of the dam, allowing them to secure their entrance a lot better
       Fixed being able to bypass some invisible walls at the Guard Tower

       Fixed a rock turning invisible when switching to low graphic settings
       Added a new minimap that is more detailed
       Improved the tomb interior lighting drastically
       Fixed some normal map textures not being set up correctly
       Fixed grenades falling through the ground around the Power Plant
       Fixed multiple Base-2-Base issues
       Fixed the night vision scopes being useless due to the high intensity
       Modified the GDI and Nod base fortifications
       Swapped the locations of the Adv. Guard Tower and Silo
       Added additional obstacles to both the GDI and Nod Tiberium Field
       Updated the minimap
       Fixed being able to bypass some invisible walls at the Nod pipeline area
       Fixed being able to climb on some rocks at the Nod side of the upper path

| SDK |

   Added a way for modders to add a name to the character without having to use the localization

You can learn more about Renegade X by visiting the Official Website. Download Renegade X Here. And that's all regarding Renegade X for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Renegade X!

Howdy! A new version of Shattered Paradise has been released recently by their team. For those who are not familiar with it, Shattered Paradise is an RTS game created with OpenRA that is inspired by the Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun universe, featuring 5 factions: GDI, Nod, C.A.B.A.L., Mutants, and Scrin. Here are the goodies that comes with Shattered Paradise Release-20220529:


New version release-20220529

Marines, Militants, Marauders, Cyborgs and Razorsharks of Shattered Paradise,

it has been 5 long months since the last release but now we are finally ready and proud to present the biggest update Shattered Paradise has ever seen. New unit models, new voicelines, new effects, visual improvements, adjusted maps, new content, a new selection UI and also a new production method including a massive balance overhaul will be featured in this update.

New Models

We have updated our Titan model (made by areaSZ)

New Effects

Our fellow community member dnqbob has updated some of our visuals such as GDI and C.A.B.A.L. aircraft

Visual Improvements

We have adjusted the palette color of our Scrin vehicles to increase the visibility through a typical Scrin Army


We have implemented upgrades into Shattered Paradise to compliment each faction and increase the variety of tactics and build orders. Each faction unlocks 3 upgrades on Tier 2 (Radar tech) and 3 ugrades on Tier 3 (Tech Center tech) respectively.

The New Selection UI

We are very proud to present our newest tool for Shattered Paradise that might even see implementation into the staple roaster of all OpenRA mods. It is our new selection UI being able to feature all unit stats including:

  • Health Points

  • Armor Type

  • Damage

  • Vision Range

  • Attack Range, separated into anti-ground and anti-air

  • Explosion Radius

  • Movement Speed

  • Power Output/Usage

  • Reload Delay

  • Scrin Shield HP

  • Mind Control Count

  • Carrier Drone Count

  • Harvester Capacity and value of Tiberium in it

  • Unit Cargo

  • Upgrades (researched upgrades will be shown in color)

  • Amount of additional units selected above what is shown

MustaphaTR has all the stats covered with his new code.

The New Direction of Shattered Paradise

We have decided to change Shattered Paradise's method of production from SingleQueue to MultiQueue. This means that multiple production structures will no longer speed up the build times of assets but rather provide additional building queues to produce the respective assets simultaneously.

MustaphaTR was able to implement this new method via the lobby option checkbox. The new checkbox called “MultiQueue” is activated by default. However, if you prefer to play Shattered Paradise with its old production method of SingleQueue you can simply turn this lobby option off.

The following lobby options have been added:

  • Limit Super Weapons checkbox

  • MultiQueue checkbox

  • Upgrades checkbox

First was something Romanov's Vengeance and a few other mods MustaphaTR has worked on already had, so we added it here too. While we want MultiQueue to be the preferred production method for Shattered Paradise, we also added the option to disable it and return to the old SingleQueue if you prefer it that way. Note that disabling the option does not revert any balance changes that were made to account for MultiQueue, so the balance with this option will be a bit off. Third one again, a new thing that you can disable if you want. Disabling Upgrades restores GDI Power Turbines as a plug from the Defense queue and makes Scrin Radar automatically enable Glider's mode switch.

We have adjusted literally every asset in the Shattered Paradise by giving each a customized build time as an additional balance method while also improving the balance overall. We have also implemented a new speed level system where each unit has a speed that is a multiple of 15 to classify them into their own speed category.

We have also added a new 2v2 map called Tiberium Forest while also improving already existing maps.

The entire changelog can be read here. You can download the new version from the links below.

Windows (x86|x64) - Linux - MacOS X (Mono)

For further information about Shattered Paradise, visit the Forums at PPM. Shattered Paradise is available for download Here. And that's all for now! Have fun and enjoy Shattered Paradise!

Hello everyone! A new version of Open Hard Vacuum has been released recently by their crew. For those who are not aware, Open Hard Vacuum is a game that uses OpenRA Engine and it is inspired by an old game called Hard Vacuum, which ended up not being released at all, except for its art graphics.
Here are the changes and the fun stuff from OpenHV Release 20220526:


Bomber drone pods are remote controlled bombs that can demolish enemy buildings.

Hacker pods can deploy and generate income when resources become scarce.

Flame pods are churning out flames with a lot of splash damage.

Elite pods are airborne warriors and meant to be end-game units.

We added new dirt tiles with optional tracks...

to mark roads on various terrain.

We also added industrial looking tiles.

There is now an experimental no build zones for mappers also featured in the first tutorial mission.

What are these?

Various civilian props have been added to decorate maps.

Including these two towers:

A new symmetrical 2v2 map was added to the rooster:

For larger battles, a new 3v3 map was painstakingly tiled:

OpenHV is now also available as a Linux Flatpak

The full changelog is available on GitHub with some additional standalone installers.

For further information about Open Hard Vacuum, visit the Official Website. Open Hard Vacuum is downloadable at This Address. And that's all regarding Open Hard Vacuum for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Open Hard Vacuum!