OpenHV Pre-release 20210922
Oct 03, 2021 - 17:50
There has been a lot of activity lately, including the first tournament

The game's drone carrier is inspired by Red Alert 2

just like the missile subs carrying cruise missiles that can be shot down:

Aircraft sprites have been revamped to give them more character:

New competitive 1v1 maps have been added like:

Find players and talk to the developers on Discord or Matrix

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Hello everyone! Today, September 30th is PPM's 21st anniversary! It's that very old story where 21 years ago we started a Tiberian Sun mod that was never finished, and no one knows anymore where to download it, called PPM: Final Dawn. We transformed this place into a community that did everything except PPM: Final Dawn. Note, however, that I still plan to finish this mod one day, in a long term.

We usually celebrate our birthday with gifts. Unfortunately, these gifts delay on most of the years. This year won't be different. The reason, this time is not the COVID-19 pandemic or my Ph.D. dissertation. It is my barbecue toasted computer that is awaiting a new motherboard to be resurrected. Once it returns, we'll bring some good surprises.... and the cake! Yea, guys, I can't upload the new cake this time. I'll place the one from the last year temporarily and update this post once my computer returns.

Update 1: My PC has been repaired and I've already implemented the first of the birthday gifts on the site. It is not new content for those who browse the forums, however, quite useful for Red Alert 2 modders. And now you'll find it under Red Alert 2 -> Resources, the PPM Halloween Assets, PPM Winter Holliday Assets and the PPM Tropical Themed Assets collected by Master Haosis. The cake has been updated accordingly.

The credits for today's cake goes to this site

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoying the Renegade-X livestream. It's happening at the moment I am writing this news. But I'm here to inform you of the next event to celebrate the Tiberian Sun 22nd Anniversary. And it's going to be a good one! Tomorrow's livestream will be about Tiberian Sun: Rising, a modification for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars that brings the Tiberian Sun universe into it, instead of the heresy seen in the original game.

Here are the words from Assassin about the upcoming event.

Welcome Back Commanders! I'd like to extend an invite to our scheduled events for Tiberian Sun Rising a total conversion mod for C&C3 Tiberium Wars on August 23rd, 2021. We are part of the communities celebration of the 22nd Anniversary of the Tiberian Sun. Together with other popular Tiberian Sun themed mods, projects, streamers, community members, and creators!

22nd Anniversary of Tiberian Sun
Join the 22nd Anniversary of Tiberian Sun's event Discord Server to keep track of the celebrations and meet fellow attendees of the 22nd Anniversary of Tiberian Sun!

TS Rising Event Schedule - 23rd August (All Times GMT+1)
We will start at 12:00 PM with a Presentation and Live Q&A till 1:00 PM (Twitch), after a short break we will continue at 2:00PM  showcasing a prerecorded game play and development showcase (YouTube) until 4:00 PM. At 4:00PM we will be holding an Aftershow Q&A on the TS Rising Discord Server until 5:00PM and finally a closing video at 7:00PM (YouTube).
Event Promo Video:

Live Presentation and Q&A - 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM GMT+1

Youtube: (2:00PM - 4:00PM)
Gameplay Showcase 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM GMT+1
Developer Showcase 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM GMT+1

Aftershow Q&A - 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM GMT+1

Closing Video 7:00 PM GMT+1

You can also keep track of Tiberian Sun Rising of course on our ModDB page , Twitter, Facebook, and our Discord server. If you miss the live event you can always watch it after although join us live if you want to meet me and some of the team and get your burning TS Rising questions answered! And to see the latest developments of TS Rising first while you still have human eyes!

Just pay attention for a nasty detail here: he has provided all times in GMT +1.


The good thing of livestreams, game night, and stuff like that is that developers receive feedback from players and that allows them to fix some oddities in their projects. A couple of projects received some bug fixes recently. They are:

- Shattered Paradise Playtest 20210821 fixes some issues like crashes that occur when fighting the AI. There are some other balance changes. The full changelog can be seen here and download is here.

- Tiberian War: IonShock Version 0.70 comes with few bug fixes, such as:

- solved the invisible Radar bug
- fixed missing trees on maps
- added faction icons
- new options to pick random

You can download it here.

Hello everyone! As we posted yesterday, the next event of the Tiberian Sun 22nd Anniversary celebration is the Tiberian Sun: Reborn game night. It should happen today in the next minutes, if they do not delay, like the guys from Shattered Paradise did. Here's the self-explanation picture about it:

Tomorrow, we'll have the Tiberian War: Warzone live gameplay stream and Q&A section at 6:00 PM GMT. It should happen at their discord channel. I guess this is the first real Tiberian Sun mod of the event, since Reborn is Renegade and Shattered Paradise is OpenRA. Here's what we know:

Hello @everyone !

We would like to outline our plans for the 20th of August event.

As you know we have been included into the 22th Anniversary of C&C:TiberianSun.

We will begin our day with the official announcement of TW:IonShock reveal and the release of the Open Beta.

Where you can have hands on access to TW:IonShock!

Included in the beta will be:

- Tech 1-5 TiberianSun unit sets for 5 distinct faction and 10 houses.
- Beautiful visual maps and the effects TW:WarZone is known for.

As a special thanks we would like to organize a QA with the staff and yours truly @MirceaOfRivia

To participate just submit your question into the #QA_Channel
by the 15th of August.

Thank you and stay tuned for more information soon.

Yes, it is a bit late to send the questions, I guess. But that's where you should start if you are interested on this mod.

And, in a completely unrelated news about the Tiberian Sun 22nd Anniversary celebration, we have a new music that should be featured in upcoming Twisted Insurrection versions:


That's all for today. If you missed Shattered Paradise tournament and want to watch it (and have a lot of free time.... I really mean a lot! We have two videos for you. One from TheKaution and another from NFHAVOC.

The Tiberian Sun 22nd Anniversary celebration starts today with Shattered Paradise (less than 30 minutes from the time I am posting this news) at TheKaution's Twitch.TV channel. And to celebrate it, the Shattered Paradise crew released a new playtest version of their mod,  the Playtest Version 20210817. It comes with some new toys such as:

This new version of the mod can be downloaded at their GitHub and the full changelog can be seen here.

Tiberian Sun: Reborn tomorrow:

Tomorrow's event will be related to Tiberian Sun: Reborn, which is a modification for Command & Conquer: Renegade that allows players to play in a first-person shooter on the Tiberian Sun settings.

And they've also released a new patch for their mod. The Patch 1.61 is mostly a bug-fix patch. The full changelog is here.

Tiberian Sun Reborn 1.61 Changelog:

-Updated scripts to 4.7u1
-Increased Cyborg Arm Cannon reload time from 1.0 to 1.65
-Ported over the -slightly- better looking GDI Service Depot textures from 2.0
-Umagon & Toxin Trooper Velocity increased to 1000 (was 500)
-Umagon & Toxin Trooper SprayAngle decreased to 0 (was 0.0Cool
-Cyborg Commando HP reduced to 350 (was 500)
-Cyborg HP reduced to 200 (was 250)
-Riot Trooper price decreased to 250 (was 400)
-Umagon is now squishable
-Enforcer HP reduced to 150 (was 175)
-Enforcer Armor reduced to 100 (was 150)
-Ghost Stalker Railgun damage increased to 180 (was 160)
-Cyborg Arm Cannon damage reduced to 100 (was 150)
-Disruptor Range increased to 80 (was 60)
-Unit Limit for MSA and MSG set to 1
-Tiberium healing effect on mutants and cyborgs drasitaclly reduced (effect reduced from -0.9 for cyborgs and -0.45 for mutants to -0.2 for both)

In order to download the patch, play, and watch the whole game
night that will start at 7:00PM GMT (tomorrow, 19/08/2021), you'll need to download the W3D Hub Launcher.

Quick community news roundup!
Aug 12, 2021 - 16:49
Hello everyone! Here's a quick overview of the recent progress on some of the Tiberian Sun related mods on the C&C community:

- Dawn of the Tiberium Age:

Dawn of the Tiberium Age has showcased a couple of new graphics such as the Nod Hovercraft Transport and the Heavy Raider, which also seems to be a Nod unit. Both were modeled by Flame.

Displaying our new Nod Hovercraft Transport modeled by Flame. Since Nod are highly reliant on strength in numbers, this transport will feature more carrying capacity than the others, but at the cost of a bit of its health.

Showcasing the Heavy Raider, a new unit that, for its part, makes relying on overwhelming speed in Nod's late-game a viable tactic. Graphics modeled by Flame.

More information:

- Tiberian Sun: Fading Dusk:

Askhati, the mod leader, has posted two videos. One features the gameplay of the mod, where Tiberius plays as Nod against Lylak as GDI. The other one features a sneak peek at the soundtrack of the mod.

And we mentioned Tiberian Sun related, right? Because the next mods are not Tiberian Sun mods, however, their theme is based on Tiberian Sun.

- Tiberian Sun: Rising:

Assassin, the leader of this Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars mod, has posted a lengthy development update article about it. Among many things, it features Sonic emitters for GDI and Divination Towers for Nod.

Sonic emitters for GDI

Divination Towers for Nod

Learn more about it by reading this article and checking their event at the Tiberian Sun 22nd's Anniversary set of events.

- Shattered Paradise:

At the end of the last month, the Shattered Paradise staff released the Playtest Version 20210724, which was a bug fix from another playtest that they've released on July 15th. The list of changes for the July 24th patch can be seen here,   while the changelog for July 15th's patch can be seen here. This should be the version that will be played at the tournament that will happen on August 18th. So, get practicing, playing, and good luck there! May the best player wins!

0.A.D Alpha 25 has been released!
Aug 10, 2021 - 01:44

For those who enjoy alternative engines to create RTS games, 0.A.D. has been an interesting engine to recreate Age of Empires type of games. Today, Wildfire Games, released of 0AD Alpha 25: “Yaunã," the twenty-fifth alpha version of 0 A.D., a free, open-source real-time strategy game of ancient warfare. Yaunã is an old Persian word for Ionians (Greeks).

New Features in Alpha 25

  • Pathfinding And Netcode Improvements - Improved Pathfinding, Performance And Reduced Game Lag

  • Order Restructuring - Players Can Now Push New Orders To The Front Of Their Production Queues

  • Improved Unit AI

  • New Biomes Incorporating New 2k Textures And Normal/Specular Maps

  • Initial Implementation Of Single Player Campaigns

  • GUI Improvements

  • Extended Graphics Options

  • Improved Mod Support And Game Filtering In The Multiplayer Lobby

  • Ongoing Civilization Balancing

  • Various Other Game Stability Bug Fixes And Speedups

Head to 0 A.D. website to download it and have fun. Here are some additional screenshots:

Ladies and gentlemen. I'd like to apologize for any inconvenience that happened with those who tried to install OS SHP Builder and Voxel Section Editor III since the day we've moved to our current server, as well as for those who tried to download the latest versions of these tools. Some internal server settings are different when compared to our previous server and that broke some important features from our public SVN repository browser for OS SHP Builder, Voxel Section Editor III, and OS .BIG Editor. Fortunately, I've managed to find out a workaround to get it working again, just a few minutes ago.

So, if you have blank files from any recent attempt to install OS SHP Builder and Voxel Section Editor III, please, download the latest executable of the program and run it again. It should run smoothly this time. If anyone still has any problems with it or with the SVN, please, post in a reply to this topic and I'll try to figure out what's going on.